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The Mysterious Allure of Ayam Cemani: Unraveling the Enigma of the “Black Chicken”

ayam cemani

In the realm of poultry, one bird stands out as an enigmatic marvel—the Ayam Cemani. Originating from the lush landscapes of Indonesia, particularly Java, this striking chicken variety possesses an allure unlike any other. What makes these birds so captivating is their complete and utter blackness. From feathers to flesh, even down to their very bones, Ayam Cemani exude an almost mystical darkness that has fascinated breeders, scientists, and enthusiasts alike.

Origins and Cultural Significance

The history of Ayam Cemani is steeped in tradition and myth. Indigenous to Indonesia, these birds have long been intertwined with local folklore and cultural beliefs. Revered for their distinctive appearance, they are often associated with spiritual significance, believed to bring luck and prosperity to those who possess them. In some parts of the country, they are utilized in mystical rituals, earning them a revered status among locals.

The Fascination with Blackness

What sets Ayam Cemani apart is their unparalleled melanistic pigmentation. Their feathers, skin, muscles, organs—virtually every part of their anatomy—is shrouded in an intense black hue. This unique trait is a result of a genetic condition known as fibromelanosis, which causes hyperpigmentation due to an overproduction of melanin.

Breeding and Rarity

Breeding Ayam Cemani involves meticulous care and selective mating to preserve their distinct genetic traits. Due to their rarity and unique appearance, these birds are highly sought after by collectors, poultry enthusiasts, and individuals fascinated by their extraordinary black beauty. However, their breeding and maintenance require expertise and attention to detail, contributing to their exclusivity and higher market value.

Global Appeal and Recognition

Beyond Indonesia’s borders, Ayam Cemani have garnered attention for their exotic appearance and rarity. They have found their way into the collections of poultry breeders worldwide, captivating audiences with their striking presence. Their allure extends beyond ornamental purposes; some breeders have explored their potential for sustainable meat production, despite their relatively smaller size compared to conventional chicken breeds.

Challenges and Care

While Ayam Cemani possess an undeniable allure, their unique genetic makeup presents challenges. Careful husbandry is essential to maintain their health and preserve their distinctive traits. Ensuring proper nutrition, shelter, and protection from potential health issues associated with their genetics is crucial for their well-being.


The Ayam Cemani stands as a living testament to nature’s extraordinary creations. Its mysterious blackness, rooted in genetics and cultural significance, continues to captivate and intrigue individuals worldwide. Whether viewed as a symbol of mysticism or appreciated for their ornamental beauty, these remarkable chickens remain a testament to the marvels found within the diverse world of avian species.

In the end, Ayam Cemani stands not just as a breed of chicken but as a symbol—a symbol of cultural heritage, genetic uniqueness, and the inexplicable allure of the natural world.

The Stories About American Gamefowl

American Gamefowl (3)

Why Everybody Hates About American Gamefowl

The key to strong and healthful game birds is credited to nutritious seeds. Breeding gamefowl is no simple job and needs a lot of attention to the job. Cockfighting is a big portion of our tradition, like it’s in quite a few other nations around the world, but because of recent law changes, these attractive birds are getting more popular as an ornamental, or show fowl. Jerry is likewise an honest seller. He has a very deep understanding about gamefowl. He has the best American gamefowl I’ve seen. It is not popular to a good deal of men and women in Kentucky.

How to Pick American Gamefowl

Each breed is going to have selection of traits which, perhaps present, may lead to disqualification. Many breeds have several colourations. Just like with any other breed, you are unable to paint the entire breed with a solitary brush. Various breeds are observed in different geographic locations. Actually these days, the breed appears to be calming down a little because breeders aren’t targeting the aggressive gene. In addition, there are breeds called Black hackle. It is among the oldest cattle breeds on the planet and produces the well-known Florentine beefsteak known as `bistecca alla fiorentina’.
The egg starts with the formation of egg yolk within the hen. The chickens arrived in excellent wellbeing and lovely condition! Great Game Chickens!!

Before, game fowl proved primarily employed for sport purposes. Much like with any other breed of chicken, you’ll have birds with distinctive attitudes. There’s so much you are able to learn from a bird just by viewing their eyes. Should you be searching for top excellent birds and an honest gentleman with superior understanding of Gamefowl to conduct business with, look no more. There exist a number of different species that are particular to the region.

The Essentials of American Gamefowl

For more information, you might research the local library or ask your vet. There are particular websites which capture all the needed details on gamefowl and the eggs. Some designs aren’t well done. Rooster tattoo designs may include the full rooster or various portions of the roosters. Thanks again for the fantastic selection you made and I’m anticipating doing more business beside you in the see-able future. It is quite a common law,” said Goodwin. Because of this, it can be quite difficult to provide the ideal definition.

In case the choice of the ancestors has been good, no or not many surprises ought to be expected. The rest of the brothers won in rather impressive shows. 1 man springs to mind, Jerry Lawrence. You’re an exact honest man. Males have to be separated to stop injury or death.
The American Gamefowl has quite huge wings in comparison to other chicken breeds. In any scenario, the purpose is to create an animal that closely resembles the parents. Continuing the cross at this time would be useless if they’re not yet winning for you.

Don’t get the Leghorns, though your middle-schooler will beg you to really take them home. Conformation alone won’t ever make winners. It proves that conformation is a critical ingredient in the variety of top quality game fowl.

There isn’t any should acquire any bloodline from any other man any place in America. It is nearly not possible to explain when now the time to outcross is. It is a well-known truth a human being has a typical five liters of blood in his physique. It is simpler to predict the outcomes of breeding by line breeding than to expect outcomes from a breeding program that doesn’t have any genetic basis.

Their typical weight is all about six pounds. It’s vital to come after a strict diet plan and exercise regimen. If you prefer to make sure the wellness of your backyard flock, it’s important to learn about the conditions along with chicken diseases symptoms. It’s a risk, naturally, but it’s the only means for him to progress and attempt to generate homogeneous offspring. Each of the diseases here are regarded as diseases respiratory. Otherwise, there’s no simple treatment for Avian Influenza.

The Magnificent Photographs of Roosters During Fighting Looking so good

Roosters Fight
Roosters Fight

Magnificent Photographs of Roosters During Fighting

Best Rooster Diet


Best Rooster Diet and The Confidential Secrets of Rooster Diseases Exposed

In return for an important diet, they are going to supply you with beautiful, fresh eggs. I had a little popcorn (no butter) including a diet coke. It must happen should you be eating less. Ate too much, plenty of carbs, etc.

Classic Rooster

In addition, chickens they’re self-grooming. Hens which are housed with roosters will likely produced fertilized eggs which are perfectly safe to eat. Knowing that it’s okay to continue to keep chickens, subsequently you need to choose the breed of chicken which you want. To begin with, you don’t require a rooster in your flock to get eggs.

If you would like to begin raising chickens for eggs or meat, there are lots of basic things you will need to consider, and likewise some things you will need to learn. You also need to look at an unique diet for your laying hen.

The children took their chickens out as well as put them inside the coop. unfortunately, rooster typically won’t be allowed within the suburbs on account of the crowing. Rather than a cat or dog, pick up some pet chickens.

You also need to think about that crowing rooster including your neighbors. In reality, there are many varieties of `tamales’ that are available through the entire region. Though some people today fear their chickens will freeze within the winter, they actually require fresh air!Hens Feed

The Importance of Rooster Diet

In addition, the meat will probably be cleaner. A totally free range chicken that’s consuming a whole lot of juicy bugs and plants don’t need as much water for a chicken which eats just a dry pellet food. Eating a selection of fruit is among the very best strategies to secure more amylase in your diet. Flavor isn’t profitable so foods aren’t developed to taste good.

I didn’t weigh myself Saturday. I won’t be persuaded with all excellent things until Saturday.

Rooster Diet – the Story

The right way on how best to feed chickens would be to scatter it on an open region and allow them to peck on it. I’d prefer to find a sane method to do it i.e. multiple smallish meals, but that’s really difficult to do. You’ll need a straightforward chicken house for two or three reasons. You only have to eat 1 way and 1 way only.

There is absolutely no hard and quick rule about simply how much water each chicken will drink every day. For this you’d desire a great meat breed that may grow quick and be ready for butchering with a minimal quantity of feed expense and time. Amylase is generated naturally in lots of fruits during the ripening practice. As a way to discuss unwanted side effects, we must break this up into known unwanted side effects of nitric oxide generally, and specific unwanted side effects of NO Xplode.

In the event you can’t locate a layer feed with the correct balance of calcium added, then you’ll want to provide your chickens another wellspring of calcium. An excellent high quality chicken feed in a similarity to crumbles which could be bought in 50 pound bags. You only have to be certain they do not contain added iron. They have to have a superb wellspring of calcium and grit to earn their egg shells sturdy.

In the event the chicken is happy and well fed, it’s going to usually lay 1 egg per day. You only need some good, simple to follow plans to construct your chicken coops.

The Confidential Secrets of Rooster Diseases Exposed

You don’t have to be a biologist, however a basic comprehension of the anatomy of the chicken will help in addition to Realizing the history of our modern day domesticated chickens. A squeaky crow alongside respiratory rattles is normally the very first signs. The first sign of the disease may actually be the discovery of numerous dead birds. This really is normal, and doesn’t mean they’re coming down with rooster diseases.

In case the vet finds a particular disease there’ll possibly be antibiotics that may help. If vaccinations aren’t acquired, when the poultry acquires the chicken disease, antibiotics could possibly be administered so as to deal with bacterial based infection that might be present, therefore reducing a number of the chicken diseases symptoms. If you would like to be sure the health of your own backyard flock, it is necessary to acquire information about the conditions in addition to chicken diseases symptoms. You should treat these parasites with the right medication in order that chickens ailments might be avoided.



Here, you are introduced to the five most frequent diseases. Mild laxatives might be used for birds which have been exposed but don’t show disease symptoms. Infectious bronchitis is hard to differentiate from most of the other respiratory diseases. Infectious Bronchitis Infectious bronchitis is extremely contagious as well as impacts the respiratory tract, but other symptoms might be present too.

Chickens can secure both types at the similar time. It really is caused by means of a virus which affects chickens only. There is a wide array of chicken diseases that may effect your flock. The immune system not just assists the chickens to resist with parasites but likewise to counter lice and mites diseases which might not only alter the health of a single chicken, but might also affect other chicken also.

Lice are another typical parasite on chickens. It isn’t a good concept to to scrape the canker it merely releases the germ. Vaccination isn’t popular in turkeys.

Up in Arms About Rooster Diseases?

Provide your canine a nicely-balanced food regime, correct physical exercise, training, play-time, an entire great pile of adore and attention, and you will have a canine that’ll reside a very long and wholesome lifestyle! Hemorrhagic states of skin might result in purple blotches. Just like human diseases, the best way of taking care of your backyard flock will be to practice prevention methods. It is likewise essential to be certain that the dog’s living environment isn’t infested.

All About Rooster Diseases

There is absolutely no treatment for Newcastle disease. The disease will not cause an important mortality in birds over five weeks old. Newcastle disease is extremely contagious. Is a quick spreading respiratory disease.

Complete eradication is the exclusive sound method to stop pullorum disease. Otherwise, there isn’t any simple treatment for Avian Influenza. If this is true, you should be a specialist on avoidance of chicken diseases.

For more information, you might research the local library or ask your vet. There’s no treatment for this particular disease. As this is among the chicken diseases resulting from virus, there’s no treatment. Additionally, This is a viral disease and there isn’t any treatment.

Chickens kept for egg production are typically vaccinated three or more times. Vegetables, fruits and grains might help to present complete nutritional value. Embryonating chicken eggs are truly the most common way of propagating ILTVs.


The History of the Indian fighter Roosters


History of the Indian fighter Roosters


The Indian fighting Roosters began in the first half of the 19th century in England. At least since the time of Henry VIII. Here enjoyed cockfighting great popularity. English Game fowl breeders were proud of their successful breeding lines. All the more it hit her that increasingly taps the Asian type beat their victory usual taps. These animals were brought in the rule of British soldiers from the Indian colonies. They came through the ports of Plymouth and Falmouth into the country. For this reason, decided some English breeders to combine the advantages of English and Asian Game fowl in a new race. Here is particularly Sir Walter Raleigh Gilbert mentioned. He crossed the English Black-Red Game with Asil.

The fighing Roosters
The fighing Roosters

The F1 generation of this cross was mated with Malays. They are the ancestors of our Indian fighters, in addition to the English fighters, Asil and Malays. This crossover products were called by the English “Injees”. Later this became “Indian game”.However, there was a catch: The new breed was not suitable for cockfighting. The Roosters did not have enough fighting spirit and lacked agility and endurance. So the Indian Fighter is a fighting Rooster that has never competed in the cockfight arenas. Because of its striking appearance and its essence it has always had its adherents. However, the appearance of the Indian fighter of the late 19th century is little to compare with our present Indian fighters. It was more like a Malay.

In 1896 the Indian Game Club established the standard for the new breed. This standard essentially corresponded already today. As color shock had only a dark (brown pheasant). In 1897 Henry Hunt 60 Years Anniversary of Coronation of Queen Victoria the color shock red-white (white-brown pheasant) ago. He called it Jubilee.

Later the color varieties originated blue pheasant brown, white, yellow and America White Laced Red (white lined-red). This color variety is however not recognized in Germany.


the color varieties are almost exclusively pheasant brown and shown white-brown pheasant on German look. Blue-brown pheasant animals have unfortunately become increasingly rare in recent years, and pure white animals represent now a rarity. The yellow color shock was not to be seen for many years in major exhibitions. On the European Game fowl Show in Cologne 2008, some animals were shown for the first time. The result of the new breeding this color shock was quite good. It is hoped that the breeder continuing its work and we will see the yellow color impact of the Indian fighter in a few years back regularly for exhibitions.

Breeding Target

Breeding goal of the Indian fighter is a compact bulky chicken in cube form. That is, the body should not be longer than wide and taper sharply backwards. The wings are strong shouldered and are close to. In the plan view of the hull has the classic heart shape. The back is short and almost horizontal. The legs are set wide and the outside of the body. The wide stance gives a vertical line from the wing above the legs to run. The legs should be strong, round with strong toes and running Color intense yellow. The head presents itself bulky and stocky and has a short, powerful, strong curved beak. On his head sits a tight three-row pea comb.The wattles are recognizable only in the beginning. The eye color is pearly. Never adult animals may still show the orange eye of the young animals. The rich lustrous plumage should be taut, hard and tight. When the taps a tight neck hackle is present.

It is to wish the Indian fighter, that he finds for the future more followers who have enough stamina to keep this breed long-term loyalty. Because the problem of the Indian fighter is less to find a breeder to keep as the breeder. Everyone who contributes to the idea to create this breed, it is should be aware that he commits himself to a quite demanding and not always frustrate free task. In the past, many breeders have underestimated this task. Although they had begun with great vigor the breed, they have again a “less problematic” after two to three years Breed dedicated. However, no one should be put off, because one thing is certain you will be more than compensated by the stunning, extraordinary nature of this race for all the difficulties!

History and Structure of Asil


Pakistan and its neighboring countries such as India and Iran, are the birthplace of Aseel. The name “Asil” (formerly Aseel or Azeel) emerged around 1000 in BC in various documents for the first time. It is absolute that the Aseel are one of the oldest Game fowl breeds. Aseel is an Arabic word which means as much as “high well-born, purebred or noble”, which already pointing to their nobility, large utility and importance. The famous Arab thoroughbreds run the additional Aseel on their behalf. Once it was only the princes and rich subject in their home country to purchase these animals and to breed.

They were hasilighly valued in Pakistan and India because of their excellent fighting ability of the Prince (Rajah) and still protected to explosion, hence the name “Rajah Asil“. The Aseel families is large and it is available in different nation. In the international standard, there are two types, the Rajah Aseel with us only as Aseel known and the “Madras Asil”. The Madras are larger and heavier than the Rajah Aseel and act heavier. They are less upright. Aseel must appear at first peek like a full Game fowl, Erected with sloping flat top line, broad chest, angular keying and the tail position of the top line as following.

However, a slight tail angle does not interfere with the image. Also very important is the raptor-like skull with his short, strong, slightly curved beak and a marked jaw muscles. Further more, the head should be decorated with a short, underdeveloped comb. This means that a three-row comb probably gives a more beautiful picture, but for the highest rating we must satisfy the defined in the Standard underdeveloped pea comb and must not be penalized at a type animals.

Asil Rooster

As is known, Asil Rooster are heavier than its size would suggest. This is because their lean meat is very compact and the bone structure is massive and heavy in comparison to other breeds. If one takes a Asil in hand, he must feel like lead. The body has the proportions of a brick, that is wider than high (spine – sternum).

The bone strength, especially in the wrinkled stands is an important characteristic of race and may no case be overlooked. The next striking feature is a tough and tight plumage. The breast and back feathers must fully, just and snugly be so usually the sternum with his red skin is visible. A unified arts sternum combined with the so-called wing Rosen (plumage vacancies on the bend of wing) are the Asil an even nobler picture.

The occurring through the rough plumage broken springs are not rare, sporadic broken primaries should be excluded from the review. Aseel are very tame and trusting towards man cultivates. The hens lay few eggs and in some strains the eggs are unsuitable for Art Brut, which is why only natural breeding is possible here. A disadvantage by the required compact lean meat is that a relatively long Asil need to physically ripen fully, so that it is in an most favorable exhibition Constitution. Really mature and fully developed the Asil is after two to three years. This means the farmer must have adequate floor space, dexterity and sufficient patience to keep his animals according to and to ripen.

You are over time become more of an exhibition race and no longer play the role of sports for the Rooster with us, they were bred earlier. but your noble origin and their original purpose sports they must be identifiable in spite of everything into particular in body shape, expression and character. This should must never be forgotten in the breeding of this wonderful martial Rooster.


Yamato Gunkei

Yamato Gunkei

Beautiful Thai Roosters

Thai Rooster Fighting

American Game fowl

American Game fowl
American Game fowl

Magnificent Shamo Birds

Shamo Face
Shamo Face

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